Users that wish to benefit from running their applications on the EGI grid infrastructure are welcome from any discipline; it could be Scientific, Educational or Industrial. Organisations are also encouraged to join as Resource Centres, expanding the CyGrid infrastructure by contributing computing resources and support services.

Obtain a certificate, how to.


Users from any discipline can now join CyGrid and run their computationally or data intensive applications on the massive EGI grid infrastructure. If you are interested to join CyGrid as a software application user, please download and complete the new user application form. There are instructions on the back of the form, and you can find related instructions through the HPCL Registration Authority web page. A FAQ document is also available that you may find useful.


For organisations wishing to join CyGrid as providers of resources, the contact point is the High Performance Computing systems Laboratory (HPCL) at the University of Cyprus. A candidate Resource Centre wishing to participate must provide the following information:

  • Site contact information
  • Statement of acceptance of policy documents
  • Cluster details

For providing the necessary information, you should complete the Resource Centre application form.

Please review the following documents before completing the application form: