Certification Authority

The Cyprus Grid Certification Authority (CyGridCA) is the top-level certification authority for Grids in Cyprus. It provides X.509 certificates for identification and authentication purposes related to Grid activities in Cyprus. The CyGridCA was established within the EU project CrossGrid, and was later extended to cover the latest EU project EGI-InSPIRE project (Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe). Its duty is to certify, with its digital signature, the following:

  • the public keys belonging to the CyGrid Certification Authority
  • the public keys of the registration authorities which act for and on behalf of CyGridCA
  • the public keys of end entities (users and machines)
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User Support and Application Porting

The overall goal of this activity is to ensure that Grid technology & infrastructure are used successfully by a broad spectrum of scientific collaborations. This activity focuses its efforts in three areas: firstly, key aspects of general user and virtual organisation support; secondly, work with strategic disciplines; and lastly, the building of new and existing user communities. Furthermore User community support and expansion activity will support Local and National wide user applications from diverse scientific fields.

Support is a broad term that includes several activities each requiring different expertise. Three distinct teams will provide:

  • Virtual Organisation Support aimed at easing the management of users within a VO as well as the large and growing number of VOs using EGI
  • Application Porting Support to aid developers in effectively porting a VO's applications to the Grid
  • Direct User Support to help users with day-to-day problems when using the Grid.
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The aims of training in CyGrid are to provide a source for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to allow the utilisation of the current EGI infrastructure and in general European Grid Infrastructures at all levels, by:

  • Educating developers of applications in order to help enrich the provision of functionalities on Grid infrastructures
  • Educating users and developers in the potential of Grid architectures to allow the solution of appropriate problems
  • Educating site administrators to allow them to install Grid middleware and connect to the e-Infrastructure
  • Collaborating with all the networking activities to enhance and encourage the corporate spirit of European Grids and to promote information sharing within the organisation to help further its goals.
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The European Grid Support, Operation and Management activity will create, operate, support and manage a production quality European grid infrastructure which will provide computing, storage, instrumentation and informational resources at many resource centres (RCs) across Europe. The resources will be accessible to researcher communities and virtual organisations according to agreed access management policies and service level agreements. The terms of engagement of the resource centres and users will be driven by policies determined by the European e-infrastructure reflection group.

An overview of the CyGrid infrastructure can be found here.