Certification Authority

The Cyprus Grid Certification Authority (CyGridCA) is the top-level certification authority for Grids in Cyprus. It provides X.509 certificates for identification and authentication purposes related to Grid activities in Cyprus. The CyGridCA was established within the EU project CrossGrid, and was later extended to cover the latest EU project EGI-InSPIRE(Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe). Its duty is to certify, with its digital signature, the following:
  • the public keys belonging to the CyGrid Certification Authority
  • the public keys of the registration authorities which act for and on behalf of CyGridCA
  • the public keys of end entities (users and machines)
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CyGrid Objectives

One of the main objectives of CyGrid is to facilitate access to the massive Grid infrastructure of EGI (European Grid Infrastructure) deployed around the world. The Grid offers access to powerful processing facilities and large storage capabilities.

Such facilities may be utilised by users by running their computationally intensive or large data processing applications. It is important to note that applications may originate from Scientific, Educational and even Industrial disciplines.

If you are located in Cyprus, you can join EGI as a software application user through CyGrid, the Cyprus Grid Initiative. In parallel to the user-centric efforts, CyGrid is also active in taking steps towards expanding the existing infrastructure with the addition of new resource centres Detailed information is made available to assist prospective users as well as resource centres in joining the largest production Grid worldwide.

We welcome new applicants to join us our effort for further extending the Grid environment in Cyprus, either as resource centres that will build on the country's existing infrastructure, or as academic/industrial researchers who would like to experience the benefits from deploying their applications on the Grid.